Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Add Ink #13 - A Colour Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Now, before we get into this weeks challenge I would like to address something that came up last week - some of you have noted that we have a new 'rule' in our list of rules last week - projects must be exclusive to Just Add Ink.

We feel we're pretty flexible with the rules here at Just Add Ink, we want to keep it that way too so that we have a huge range of entries that vary because of the unique talents of each and every one of you. And ... to be brutally frank, we don't want people entering for the sole purpose of having 'another random challenge site' on their long, long, long list of challenges their card is applicable to. I'm guessing you know where I'm going with that.

So ... on that note we would like to clarify this rule: we don't mind if you put your card together using 2 challenges (e.g. a sketch challenge and a colour challenge combined). This is, after all, a brilliant idea. But if you are one of those people with a long list, your entry will be deleted.

If you would like to give us some feedback on this issue please leave us a comment.

On with the fun!
This weeks challenge is...

  • If you don't have the exact colors it's still OK to enter using something similar! :)
  • Make a papercraft project - a card, scrapbook layout, 3d object, etc.
  • While the DT uses Stampin' Up! products where possible, you're welcome to use any products you like.
  • Please use the keyword JAI13 when uploading to public galleries.
  • Please mention our challenge and provide a link with your post, so others can come and join in the fun too!
  • Provide a DIRECT LINK to the post on your blog where you've displayed your creation using Mr. Linky. Incorrect links, or blog links that are down-right advertising are not eligible for Top 5 picks, and will be deleted.
  • Projects must be new and exclusive to Just Add Ink.
And here's what our amazing Design Team came up with this week:

Don't have a blog or online gallery?
Email a picture of your creation to and
we'll publish it and add it to Mr Linky on your behalf, for others to see.

Mr. Linky will close Wednesday 21st April at 23:59EST.
Be here on Thursday 22nd April to see our Top Picks.
Just Add Ink Challenges Participants
1. Erna Logtenberg
2. Arielle ~ SnappyStamper
3. Anne Edwards
4. Monica
5. Mae Collins (Tas, AUS)
6. Jane Marshall
7. Donna Zammit
8. Kim C
9. Kathrin aka Kruemel
10. Kris Sobolik
11. Jenn Z
12. Leanne Elliott
13. Jodene
14. Gemma Coumbe
15. Richelle
16. Catherine
17. Melissa
18. Vannessa
19. Christa Halbesma (Netherlands)
20. Kristin Fiddyment
21. Debi Ryan
22. Shirley McAvoy
23. Amanda Aitken
24. Paula Fuller
25. Andrea L - EnchantINK
26. Rachel Jackson
27. Bron Heslop
28. Helen H
29. Christine Blain
30. Jeane McQueen
31. Kris McIntosh
32. Gayatri
33. Karen Lister
34. Naomi Jansen
35. Diane Hov
36. Kari Linder
37. Amy Buchanan
38. Beverley
39. Karen G
40. Megan McDonald
41. Susan Wong
42. Carole Stedman
43. Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway
44. Sandi Spence
45. Anna Bowden
46. Tina G
47. Sally Shield
48. Renée (prchvs)
49. Purple Jo
50. liamp
51. Lee-Anne
52. Robyn
53. Sharon Dand
54. Makeesha Byl
55. Deb Fearns
56. Susan Joyce

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Thank you for playing at
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  1. Awesome projects ladies, as usual! And a very sensible new rule with having the challenges exclusive to JAI. Can't wait to have a play!

    Lee x

  2. Although I can appreciate your point of view, the 'fun' for me is participating in multiple weekly challenges. Due to a limited amount of time each week to design and participate, I find it nice to be able to combine multiple challenges. I host a weekly challenge blog and as long as our participants follow the weekly challenge, they can submit as many times and combine as many challenges as they wish. I will continue to keep your site in my radar and submit only single projects as my schedule allows. Best of luck to you!

  3. Sorry to see you change your rules.
    I play on lots of challenges and it's not for "fame and fortune" it is for the challenge of using lots of great ideas and finding a way to make them work together.
    I'm sorry that I'll have to remove your challenge from my list, I'll miss a lot of great DT work.

  4. I will be posting later in the week, but I am in support of your decision to keep to one challenge. I can understand why girls do it but I think it's nice just to keep at one!! Look forward to playing with the yummy colours.
    The design team must have enjoyed it too cause you girls extra rocked this week!!!

    Anne E

  5. I work with a group of women to run a challenge blog. We don't have a set rule about this, but if a card is too difficult for us to find in a post - if we need to scroll through too much text to find a photo of the entry - then we don't consider it for a Top Pick.

  6. Thanks Girls for all your work you put into running JAI. I love all your projects, tips etc and I'm in favour of your new rule. I'm not sure if I will be able to play along this week as I don't have any Bear Banana in my sash, I might have to beg, borrow or steal and see what I can come up with.
    Thanks again.

  7. Personally, I think this is a GREAT new rule. I find it really distracting, to the point of being off-putting, when a challenge entry is submitted and it fills the criteria of numerous challenges. I like the 'exclusive'/special feel of Just Add Ink; let's keep our little corner of the world that way!

  8. Thanks for clearing up the RULES. I have another problem that I feel is more important. That is the amount of entries that DO NOT follow the layout challenge given. Unfortunately I have also noted a lot of the Design Team DON'T follow the LAYOUT CHALLENGES either.(no wonder others don't) I feel if a layout is given that is what you do. EG. JAI 12 Was a LANDSCAPE RECTANGLE, WITH A WIDE BORDER AND A SMALLER LANDSCAPE RECTANGLE IN THE CENTRE WITH A STRIP ON THE RIGHT HAND EDGE. Some entries, flip/rotate designs, some don't have any of the mentioned layout and sometimes get picked for TOP 5???? If we have a COLOUR CHALLENGE like this week JAI 13, and I were to do my own interpretation on CHOCOLATE CHIP, KIWI KISS and BARELY BANANA and used: PERFECT PLUM instead of CHOCOLATE CHIP(for example), Would that be OK? I Don't think so. If we are given colours to follow we follow them (to the best of our supplies) and we should do just the same with a layout, otherwise it is not fair to those who have followed the set challenge. Anyway THANKS so much for all the hard work you guys do, to have this FANTASTIC site for us all to join in and have fun. But I would really love feedback on this, as this affects me more than people entering other blogs.
    Once again you ALL do a great job, and I am so glad I don't have to judge. THANKS

  9. I love looking at all the entries on every kind of challenge you guys give. I don't often get to play along, but I do look each week. I am in support of your new rule. I, too find it distracting if people combine too many challenges into on project. Besides, it's YOUR blog, and you get to set your own rules. More power to you for enforcing them!

  10. I think the new rule is great. To me, combining heaps of challenges takes the imagination out of the creation. I like using the JAI challenges as a starting point and letting my hands do the rest...

    To Naomi - you're obviously a rules person - good on you! I see where you're coming from but I think the intention of sketch layouts is to give you a starting point. It's ok to flip them, rotate them etc. I think the idea is to get creative with it as everyone's eyes interpret things differently anyway.

  11. Happy with the new rule... and I LOOOOVE all your work this week. Just stunning! I might just have to CASE you all :) Claire xo

  12. I understand your rules and it's your blog so you can do whatever you choose, however I love doing challenges for the fun of doing them it is what keeps me going some days as I so seldom feel well that when I get a card/creation finished I am always very happy to know that it fits the criteria of several challenges. To me if you post the link to the actual creation/card, there should not be a problem of it being found. Lately with all the restrictions that I have been seeing on challenge blogs, eg.. perfect photos of your creations, cards exclusive to this challenge only and now yours I am beginning to wonder if it is worth doing challenges at all. When I first started blogging I was just posting my creations not using any challenges, maybe I will return to doing that. Good luck with your challenge blog.

  13. Oooo I like this colour challenge (now!). I have to admit I wasn't sure what I would do with these colours together.

    And I agree with your new rule... Whilst I have combined challenges before, its only ever been a sketch and colour challenge. I don't recall ever doing more than 2 challenges for one project.

    Thanks for inspiring us and keeping us on our toes!


    ps: I've noticed on a few blogs that choc chip can look plummy in photographs :)

  14. Hi ladies, I'd just like to say thanks for this weeks challenge. I am very new to participating in challenges (this weeks is my 3rd ever).
    One thing that I am grateful for, is that because I don't have a blog you allow me to enter your challenge. So thankyou very much, for giving me the opportunity to play along. Cheers Donna Zammit

  15. Thanks for the opportunity to enter another great challenge....

  16. I didn't think I would like these colours at first, but now I love them together. Definately a combo to keep and use again and again. Great DT cards too!

  17. Thanks for another fabulous hallenge. I had not a scrap of barely banana in my stash so have substituted with so saffron. Love the DT inspiration, Cheers, Amanda xx

  18. Oh ... I have just noticed in the comments ... that you have a NEW RULE!!! Panic! So ... I went and reread the post ... and realised that my card still is ok ... because I have just done the sketch / colour combo. But ... I do think that you are perfectly entitled to set whatever rules you want ... and am very happy to abide by them! (After all ... it is YOUR challenge!) So ... from now on ... I will endeavour to just do a complete JAI challenge without mixing! (Or at the very least a colour/sketch combo!) Thanks for letting me play again! Loved this colour combo! Hugs, Andrea xxx

  19. Hi Danielle & Amanda
    Thank you both & all of your great DT for giving everyone such a fantastic platform to spring from with their creativity!!
    I appreciate all the time & effort that goes into creating & running your challenges & believe your rules are fair, clear & simple.
    Thanks for letting us all come & play. :)
    All the best

  20. Thanks for the challenges. I love playing along when I get the chance. Kris.

  21. I didn't think this would work...but it's a fantastic colour combo...loved the DT samples...thanks for sharing.

    stampin' HUGZ

  22. This is my first challenge entry for this blog and I just love the colours you have chosen this week. I look forward to playing along with future challenges.

    Karen G.

  23. I think your rules are great - as has been said, it's your site. I love that you are an Aussie/Kiwi site, and how well you've been received. I'll definitely keep coming back each week - you girls rock!

  24. Thank you yet again for challenging me to use colours I am not strictly comfortable with. I think your colour challenges are fast becoming my favourites.
    I think your rules are very clear and simple and have no problem at all with the latest addition.
    Keep up the fantastic work ladies xo

  25. Love the new rule! I have no problem with it AT ALL!!! I rarely combine more than two anyway ... it seems to muddy the card too much (as well as my brain :) )

    I linked up my card for this week! Thanks for another fab challenge and even more wonderful inspiration!

  26. Thanks for the challenge. Just the perfect colours I needed to finish a birthday card for my friend's son.


  27. Hi there, I just came across your website this week and I really loved what the design team did with this challenge. These were great colours to work with and I can't wait to play again next time. Thanks for some wonderful inspiration.


  28. Hi girls,

    Sorry for the incorrect link, something went seriously hinky at this end! Could you please delete no. 56 because it's for the wrong challenge!!

    Thanks heaps for another great colour combo!


  29. I just found your blog, but I thought I had more time to play--until midnight here on the east coast?! It seems Mr Linky has expired??
    Well, here is my link if anyone wants to see it!