Monday, April 19, 2010

Guest Designer Tutorial - Impossible Box with Paula Dobson

We're extremely lucky to have the very talented Paula Dobson join us to share a Guest Designer Tutorial.  We've added a link feature at the bottom of this tutorial if you'd like to share your work!  This is not a challenge, just a way to share some great recreations of this gorgeous box.  Enjoy!

Guest Designer Tutorial
Paula Dobson 

1 piece of A4 cardstock
Paper cutter with scoring tool
Sticky Strip

Using the template at the end of this tutorial, score and cut your A4 sheet of cardstock as directed. I have made the squares 6 x 6cm, width of the lid 2cm, and the width of the side tabs are 1.5cm. You can make your box any size the cardstock you are working with will allow.

Once you have scored the cardstock, following the broken lines on the template, cut your card following the solid lines on the template. Your card stock should now look like this:

If you are going to stamp a design, do it now before folding your box together. I folded the box base underneath the area I was stamping so I had a plain white base. You could also mask the base.

If you want to colour the top of the box, you need to turn your cardstock over, as this is the surface that will appear on the top of your box. I have chosen to sponge in the same colour as my stamped flowers, darkening what will be the centre of the lid.

Turn your card back to the front again and fold the lid edge toward you. Make sure you score your lines well, to make them nice and crisp!

Using sticky strip, adhere to the tabs as illustrated. Make sure you have turned your lid edge before sticking down the side tab of your card to the opposite end. This will create the body of your box.

Fold up the bottom flaps of your card and adhere
together to form the base. Don’t stick the tab down
for the lid just yet. Your box will now look like this:

Because the box and lid are the same size, I find the
best way to make sure the lid will slide down over the box is to close the box before adhering the tab.

Close the box by gently pushing down on the lid. Take the backing off your sticky strip and gently squeeze the sides of the lid together before sticking down. It will be a little off (as shown) but that’s okay. We can hide this with embellishments!!

Now you can see the sponging I did earlier! The
Inside of the box is now on the top!

Gently pull the edges up to open the box again.
fill with your favourite chocolates, or soaps, or
anything small you would like to put in your gift!

I have also added a ribbon just to finish the sides
off nicely. Now your box should look like this!

Happy crafting to you all!!


  1. This is absolutely stunning....will definately be giving this a go....thanks Paula for sharing

  2. That is soooooo cute. i will have to try this once i am over my darn headcold. thank you so much for sharing Paula

  3. Totally awesome! It's great to have this site as a reference point for lots of tutorials.

  4. Hey hey Paula! I loved making this - thank you for doing a tutorial on it. Great to see you on JAI!

  5. Gorgeous box Paula & a fantastic tutorial! TFS :)

  6. Look like a fun box to make. I am in. Thanks for the template and the tutorial.

  7. Neat box. Am I correct in assuming it is just one sheet of cardstock? The boxes look bigger in the pictures is why I ask. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  8. thanks for the template and instructions! I made one, so much fun :)

  9. I had made this before but forgot about it-so glad that I saw this-your version is adorable. Good for treats at the dinner table when the grandkids visit.

  10. I just made this - thanks for the tutorial. The box is too cute.