Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Shot Tutorial - Top Note Box

I shared this box on my blog, and today I'm sharing a step by step tutorial on how to make it.  I want to be really clear - I didn't design this!  There are lots of variations of this box on the internet, I've just re-done this in centimetres rather than inches.

Big Shot Tutorial
Top Note Box

Big Shot
Top Note Die
Horizontal Slot punch
2 pieces of card stock -
  • 1 cut to 14cm x 20.5cm
  • 1 A5 size/half an A4 sheet (15cm x 21cm) scored down the centre to make an ordinary sized card (15cm x 10.5cm)

Step One
Score your 14cm x 20.5cm piece of cardstock. 
On the long side, score at 2.5cm, 9cm, 11.5cm, and 18cm. 
On the short side, score at 2.5cm and 11.5cm.
Step Two
After scoring, cut the score lines along the long sides up to the 2.5cm score line (this will make the tabs that will hold the box together).
Step Three
On one side, glue four of the tabs (to the inside) to form a basic box. 
On the other side, glue the remaining two tabs (to the inside) to form the top of the box. 
As shown in photo.
Step Four
To make the Top Note top and base for your box, you need to run a folded card through the Big Shot.  
Lay your folded card on the Top Note Die so the score line sits just below the perforation marks on one side. 
Run through your Big Shot - this is how it will look when it comes out.
Step Five
Cut the card in half on the score line. 
You now have your top and bottom panels for your box. 
If you want to stamp or embellish your panels, now is the time to do it.
Step Six
Use the Hoizontal Slot punch to punch slots on the outer edge for the ribbon to go through. 
Attach the top and base panels to your box - I've used Tombow glue. 
The top panel should go on the part of the box that only has two tabs attached as the box will open and close more easily this way.
Step Seven
Use Sticky Strip or Snail Adhesive to attach your ribbon to the back edge of the box. 
Leave the rest of the ribbon unglued. 
Add any extra embellishments.

You're finished!

Finished Top Note Box

I hope you found this tutorial useful!  We'd love to see your Top Note Boxes, so feel free to leave a comment with a direct link to your creation.

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  1. What a great idea, it's very cute and thanks for sharing Mel....

  2. This is great, Danielle. Thanks for the clear and concise instructions! Hope to make one soon.

  3. Thankyou so much for posting the tutorial Danielle, I love this project!
    And your sample is gorgeous, as always :)

  4. Lovely box Danielle can't wait to find the time to make one.

  5. Thanks Danielle - I love this tutorial, it was so easy to follow! Here is my creation, just finished:
    Thank you for sharing such lovely, practical projects with us.