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While The Glue Is Drying - Literally! Ask The Design Team...

What's your favourite adhesive to use and why?
Here are the answers from some of our talented Design Team...

I LOVE Dimensionals! They add so much to a creation, bringing something out as a focal point, adding depth and fun to a project! They can take a "good" card and make it "great"! They also add that little bit more to techniques like spotlighting! They are great for adding embellishments like Scrunchy Flowers, Buttons and Bows and Punch art! I barely ever create without a Dimensional, if you havent tried them ~ you should, but a warning ~ they are Addictive!

This depends on what I am making. For basic cards I can't go past my SNAIL Adhesive, even though it sounds slow, it is actually quick and easy to use. Being acid free it is also safe to use for my scrapbooking (when I get back to that)! When I am making 3D projects like boxes for my cards, bag-a-lopes, a box in a bag etc, I can't go past SU!'s Sticky Strip. As the name suggests it is very sticky and once applied to your project it is set, to try and remove it would be a disaster to your project so care must be taken when applying it.

The other SU! item I couldn't be without and some may argue it is not an adhesive but a clear lacquer and that is their Crystal Effects. I use it on my projects to not only give a glossy finish to areas but also to stick buttons and flowers (heavier type embelishments) on to my items and I have been known to use it on occasions to stick my stamps back together when the rubber has come away from the wooden block. It is versatile in that you can make it coloured by adding a few drops of re-inker colour or sparkly by adding Dazzling Diamonds. So I can't say which is my favourite as I like these three for different purposes!

This question should read 'what are your favourite adhesives' (plural) because I can't pick just one! It really depends on what project I am working on at the time. But here are my top three favourites:

* Stampin' Dimensionals - almost every card of mine will have something popped up for effect, and I love the SU! dimensionals for that. And I always use them when adding flowers to a card (no matter what type of flowers).
* Snail Adhesive - I love this because it is so quick and easy, and no peeling required! I usually use snail for basic layering or attaching DSP to a card.
* Sticky Strip - for all those 3D projects or anything else that you don't want to move - ever!! It really lives up to its name!

My favourite adhesive?? Well two spring to mind.

Tombow Multi: I have it standing on the top of my stamping cupboard so I can grab it whenever I want. I love that when you use it you have a few seconds of wiggle time to get what you want in the right place but then it sets real quick and what you want stuck won't budge! I just about always use it when I'm adding buttons to cards, and its fabulous for sticking cardstock, chipboard or DSP together.

Dimensionals: I'm not sure if I have ever made a card without using at least one dimensional!! They are brilliant for layering different elements and giving your work some depth. They come in very handy for sticking buttons and bows to your cards too.

I have different favourites depending on what I'm using it for and Snail is a permanent part of my stamping kit for no -fuss adhesiveness(??), but by far and away my number one fave would have to be Stampin' Dimensionals. I use those little babies on just about everything I make and always have a new unopened pack in my drawer so that I never run out :)

Another favourite is Mini Glue Dots. These are awesome for adding buttons quickly and simply and are also perfectly sized for small embellishments like the half pearls from the Pretties Kit. And they stick like nobody's business!

I absolutely love mini glue dots, tombow and dimensionals (not in that particular order either)!
The mini glue dots are a perfect fix for when you need to keep that bow perfectly flat (as possible) against your card, or add a little butterfly on your layout! They are clear, tiny and STRONG! Like sticky strip, but in handy dot form.

Tombow is just incredible for stepping up the glue factor a bit, I wouldn't recommend it for ribbon adhesive as it's a "wet" adhesive and can seep through material (not paper of course) and leave it looking hard. It's great for chipboard and paper and has a super strong hold after it's left to dry. Great for buttons too. I think they need to make the packaging bigger because I go through it like you wouldn't believe.

Dimensionals - do I really need to explain? They are fantastic for adding 3D to your projects - if you project looks a little boring it probably just needs a few of these babies to pop something up and make it stand out. A must have item in any crafters stash.


Dimensionals all the way - and I love that you can cut the sticky leftover border up into small bits to use for attaching smaller embelishments or letters.

I don't have just one favourite, because different projects require different adhesives. Too hard to choose just one!

For 3D items I use Sticky Strip every time. Once that is on your project it will never full apart! Which means you can actually make bags or boxes that will take a good amount of weight - like CHOCOLATE!

For adding embellishments I use Mini Glue Dots or Tombow Multi - again, they just won't fall off!

For cards I use Snail adhesive. It is quick with no mess.

I eat dimensionals for breakfast it seems well for my card making but I love my snail adhesive too and my tombow multi for my scrapbooking Layouts. I want elements on my Layouts (LOs) to stick ..I learnt my lesson with stickability early on when I was published for about the second time and one of my embellishments moved to some bizarre place ..and the editor didnt notice. I was really upset so I have used tombow multi from then on for most elements on my LOs.

I love the two tips for fine work and the brush tip for larger coverage and its a bargain too and goes a longggg way!

Well, I can't pick just one - my most used adhesives would be SNAIL and Dimensionals. I'm all about quick and easy, with as little mess as possible and that is exactly what you get with these two adhesives. SNAIL just glides on, there's no need to cut and no annoying backings to peel off.

As the dimensionals are precut, all I have to do is peel of the backing and stick them on to give that little extra bit of oomph. A quick thumbnail impression into the back of the dimensional will ensure that little backing comes off easy peasy. Now, people will tell you that you can cut up the edges to make sure that you use every last inch, but that is too much work for me, lol!

Another favourite is Crystal Effects. I use this when I want to add some shine and dimension. I really like covering chipboard and die cut letters with it. Once it's dry, I love running my fingers over that smooth, shiny surface! And, as added bonus, it can also be used around the house. So far, I have used it to fix a couple of photo frames and a few of my son's toys. Gotta love that!

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