Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Want To See YOUR SPACE!

Have you noticed our new blinkie? It's over on the right hand side of your screen. Have you wondered what it's all about?

Right now we're looking for people that want to give the Just Add Ink readers a tour of their craft space - where the magic happens!!

Please email me at telling me a little bit about your space - be it the kitchen table to an entire dedicated room! I want to know what you can't live without, what amazing tips you can share for storage, and a wealth of photo's of your special space. It doesn't have to be neat, and it doesn't have to be flashy - it's not a competition to see who has the most stuff!

Or if there's someone's space in particular you'd like to see, leave a message on this post and we'll see what we can do!

Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. slide show of before and after craft room picks. dont know how i ever managed

  2. I think I must have the worst space ever. The dining room table. It is so messy, I feel like I clean it a hundred times a day but it is still a mess. My family like to add their stuff to it too, clothes, matchbox cars, the cat! What a mess. Then we are supposed to eat dinner there - forget it :)
    I would LOVE my own space.

  3. Just emailed you with a link to my blog page called ...

    My Stamping Space

    Stampin' Hugs xxaxx

  4. I can't complain about my space, but am always dreaming of something more anyway. I have an 8' counter top in our bedroom that our bed is perpetually facing. It is wonderful for me to see all my wonderful stampin' goodness but it can be a source of stress for my hubby who doesn't think of my things with such fondness! I've blogged about my space with a picture or two here back in 2009:

    I dream about my space moving to [url=]HERE[/url] some day (after we get electric, drywall and heat).

  5. I have an airconditioned craft room divided in two. One end is for sewing and machine embroidery, the other 3/4s of the room is for cardmaking and scrapbooking, it contains a table in the centre with 4 cheap bookcases to hold punches, spellbinders and all the tools of the trade. I store my A4 cardstock in labelled plastic drawer sets (have about 7 sets). I can't live without my Sizzix machine and my Scor Pal.They sit either side of me while I create cards. I visit my craft heaven nearly every day after work, for a little peace, sanity and therapy!!! How did I ever live without it.....