Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Has Your Link Been Deleted? Here's Why...

Has your link been deleted from a challenge? There are a few different reasons why this may have happened:

  • Your creation is linked to a tonne of challenges - we ask for Just Add Ink submissions to be for no more than 3 challenges (ours included), and all must be different themes (e.g. one colour, one sketch, etc).
  • It was accidentally linked twice.
  • Wha... where?? Is the post the first thing we see? Or an advert block? We know how blogs work, if it's the latter it will be deleted.
  • It was not linked correctly - your link must be a DIRECT link to your submission, not to your main blog page. Have a look at our tutorial on Using Mr Linky.
  • It did not meet the challenge requirements.
  • It was linked to a project that was posted before the challenge was posted (we specifically ask for challenge projects to be new).
  • It did not contain a reference to Just Add Ink and/or a link back to the challenge (c'mon, that one's common courtesy!).
  • It was inappropriate or contained inappropriate images.

A couple of things to note:
  • If a post before yours has been deleted, your post will have moved up the list.
  • If your post has been deleted and you think none of the above reasons apply, please email us at just-add-ink@hotmail.com so we can figure it out.

Thanks for your understanding!

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