Thursday, January 21, 2010

JAI1 Entries so far...

We've been absolutely blown away by the response to our launch! Not only have there been many wonderful comments left for us, and lovely emails sent, but the entries for our first challenge have been AMAZING!

If you haven't already entered, the cut off time is midnight on Wednesday 27th of January. Just over one day to go!

Here's a slideshow of the entries we have so far. We'd like to encourage you to visit the entries (links are on the challenge page) and leave some comments - everyone likes getting positive feedback!


  1. Oh my Gaaaaaawwd, I felt like I was looking through a fancy card catalogue when I was watching the slide show. AMAZING!!! WOW!!!!

  2. These cards are all incredible. Such a huge range of layouts and stamp sets used. What an inspiration. I agree with Anna, it's just like having a copy of a card magazine to use for inspiration!