Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blog Tutorial - Using Mr Linky

Blog Tutorial
Using Mr Linky

Hi there! If you're reading this entry, then chances are you're checking how to link your work to our site using Mr Linky.  Here are the steps!

Step One
At the bottom of a challenge post, you'll see the Mr Linky gadget.  It looks like this:

Step Two
In a moment you're going to enter your details, but first you need to get the DIRECT link to your entry.  Go to your blog and click on the blog post (the title) that contains your challenge entry.  I've used my blog entry as an example.  You'll see this:

Highlight the address (at the top):

That's what you're going to enter as your URL.

Step Three
Back on Just Add Ink, type your name into the Your Name field, then paste your DIRECT link to your entry into the Your URL field.  My example looks like this (you can't see the entire address - you can see the end part):

Step Four
Now click on Enter.  Your entry is now linked!

Some important things to remember:
  • In your blog post about your challenge entry, you need to include a link back to Just Add Ink, preferably to the challenge requirements themselves.
  • Incorrect links are NOT eligible for Top 5 picks, and may be deleted (you can always re-link your entry correctly).
  • If you're having any problems, get in touch with us by emailing us at

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