Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cards for Christchurch

It's been a terrible twenty four hours for Christchurch, New Zealand with a 6.3 Earthquake that has flattened the city and caused tremendous loss of life, hundreds of people are injured ... some severely, people have lost homes, possessions and some have no way of contacting their loved ones.
Our heart and prayers go out to those people affected. We hope and pray that there will be more survivors. Know that we want to help in any way possible.

The whole Design Team (some who have family and friends in Christchurch) want to do something and this is what we have come up with...

Victim Support are a group affiliated with the NZ police force and are trained in dealing everyday with adversity, helping and supporting people in need.
We thought they would appreciate some cards that they could write in and to take to victims of this devastating quake.
If you would like to do the same then you can send a home made card (blank inside with envelope if possible) to -

Victim Support
PO Box 2109
New Zealand

Thinking of you, get well soon, with sympathy or just a plain blank card would be appreciated.

Kia Kaha Christchurch we are all thinking of you.


  1. Lovely idea :O) I will arrange to send a few only the next few days. thanks for the address!

  2. Fantastic idea and I'm so super happy to be able to help by giving someone something thats made with love just for them!

  3. cool thanks for the address and the great idea. I have writen up a heap to people I know and will put together others and post them down.

  4. Awesome idea - I will get to making some cards tomorrow. Had plans to work on swaps for regionals but this is far more important.

  5. Yes, what a great idea. Our cards are all about thinking of others and sending love. It's exactly what I'm feeling for everyone affected by the earthquake, so thank you for providing an address we can send to.

  6. Melissa is my name I Live in Dunedin, New-Zealand (4 hours drive to CHCH)This is a fantastic idea and these cards will be well received, I have some and about to post them. Thankyou Just add ink and all the people that send cards at this devastating time.

  7. What a lovely thing to do. I'll be sending my prayers in pretty cards. Thank you for the address, Hugs Katherine