Thursday, May 27, 2010

Profile of a Stamper - Bronwyn Eastley

Bronwyn Eastley

Legana (near Launceston), Tasmania

Any jobs other than crafter
I work as a grade 5/6 teacher at a local Christian School and oversee the Junior Campus in an Assistant Principal’s role.

Favourite craft type/style
I love a variety of crafts. My first love was knitting and I first knitted a jumper for myself when I was in grade 7. I studied Art in Year 12 and loved painting and screenprinting. My dad used to have his own screenprinting business and a love of photo silk screen grew from that. Not many people could boast access to their own darkroom to develop photos! Sadly, I let that hobby slip and I’m so behind with the technology now to ever catch up. In 2001 I did an Adult Ed. Course on Teddy Bear making and have made over 100 of the furry creatures. I designed one pattern and maybe I’ll market that one day. Then I developed a love of beading and jewellery making, followed by stamping and papercraft. I’ve always loved to ‘make’ things and still dabble in all the areas that I’ve outlined. Of course stamping and papercraft is the main ‘love’ at the moment. A friend is teaching me to crochet at the moment and you’ll see some of my attempts, probably attached to cards at a later date! Stay tuned.

How did you get started in crafting?
I’ve always ‘crafted’ for as long as I can remember. My paternal grandmother taught me how to knit at the age of 4. I could never just watch a movie when I was of High School age, as I had to knit, or whatever, while I was sitting down watching TV. I LOVED doing school projects. Making them look pretty was more important than the information that was in them! This is probably where my deep down love for papercraft has stemmed from.

What made you interested in stamping/card making/scrapbooking?
I was asked to a Stampin’ Up! Workshop in May 2008. I thought it would be great to purchase a teddy bear stamp to make my swing tags for my bears. Well, I haven’t finished any bears since and the world of stamping has taken over. I just love it!

How often do you stamp/scrap?
I have Mondays off so that’s usually my stamping day and I fit the odd hour or two in over the weekend. I don’t get much time during the week but if my husband is on night shift, I’ll head off into the rumpus room to craft.

Where do you get your inspiration? Are you inspired by anyone in particular?
Inspiration comes from the JAI girls and many talented crafters whose blogs I follow or subscribe to. My upline (now retired), Amanda Aitken, is a wonderful source of inspiration and we still craft together when we can. I’m so glad she’s back into blogging so I can be inspired by her awesome work when we don’t get time to ‘catch’ up. Inspiration also comes from magazines, Splitcoast Stampers etc.

What’s your favourite technique to use?
I really enjoy the emerging colour and collage techniques and I love 3D stuff, particularly bags! I would love to design some of my own templates one day!

What technique/s are you keen to learn?
I’d love to know how to use the brayer a little more subtly. I’m a bit heavy handed with it and would love to get the effect that Michelle Zindorf and Delys Cram seem to achieve so effortlessly! I really enjoy this style for silhouette stamps and there usually has to be a moon in there somewhere!

What tip/s would you give to other crafters?
I keep a journal that I write in colour combos, techniques etc. and have several folders on the computer with saved photos for reference. I refer to my journal when I’m looking for a colour combination to do. I save files of sketches so I have an idea on hand when I’m stuck.


  1. It was so interesting to learn more about you Bronwyn. x

  2. Oh, Bronwyn you are so lovely. You inspire me so much! Love Amanda xx