Monday, May 10, 2010

My Space ... with Jan Radu

It's about time we had a nose around someone's stamping space, don't you think? Jan Radu from Stamping Elegance has been kind enough to show us around hers ...

About Jan
Athough Jan has been scrapbooking on and off for over 6 years, she's only been stamping since July 2009. As a busy working mum of two, she decided she needed to make a space in her home to create little and often, as her schedule permitted. She tells us that she and her hubby set about transforming the unused front study in a stylish and functional craft room...

The Craft Room
Don't you love this? Jan headed off to Bunnings with a scrap of Baja Breeze cardstock and asked them to make up a batch of Baja inspired paint! Jan tells us it's almost an exact match.

The next stop was Ikea for a table that could extend up to bar height (Jan likes to stand while working sometimes), and some shelving for displaying her delightful projects.
A recent addition to her craft wall is some leftover curtain wire from Ikea and a few fixings for an easily updatable display wall for creations or favourite swaps. The horizontal cards just hang over the wire, and the vertical cards are secured with a cute little clear perspex peg.

Jan also tells us her craft room is really calming and inspiring.

"I have bookshelves with all of my favourite books and vases etc that I could never really appreciate before - and I love that my desk doesnt face the wall - it looks out into my home so that I can see the kids running in and out of their toy room, and have my own space but still feel a part of whats going on. And most importantly, I am stamping little and often (and sometimes lots and often!) because I can leave my current project out."

Thank you Jan for giving us a tour of your craft space, it's as beautiful as your creations!

Happy crafting,


  1. So many fantastic ideas, Jan! Thanks!

  2. Your room is gorgeous Jan. I just want to ask one thing - where is the mess?? LOL Ann L

  3. Hey Ann - believe me when I am mid-project the mess abounds! But as my craft space is part of the entry I try my best to keep it tidy in between! Ha ha

  4. And a big thanks to all the fab girls at JAI - it's a pleasure to participate in your great challenges and now to be featured in My Space... You guys rock!

  5. What an awesome space, but looks way to clean to be a crafter's space! lol! Love the baja paint!

  6. I agree, too clean! hee hee. I think we need to start featuring "My Space - MID PROJECT" *que horror scream*

  7. Hahaha - I'm glad I'm not the only one who wondered where the Mess was. Most of the time I can hardly see my desk there is so much stuff!! But your Craft Space is beautiful - I love your projects hanging on the wall. Chantell

  8. Lovely space!!! And love the paint!!! I wish I could keep my craft idea in a public area of the house especially with one of those tables!!! TFS!!

  9. What a clean and calm room... you should look at my room. My table is so full of clutter that I need help!

    Yet my creativity seems to thrive in clutter! Poor consolation that.

  10. AGHH!!! You have inspired me! I've just asked my man to help me re-arrange a few things in my yet-to-be-settled Craft Room. I LOVE your Baja Breeze inspired paint and now having seconds thought about my boring white!!! Can't wait for tomorrow - going to throw myself head first into my craft room and I'm NOT COMING OUT TIL IT LOOKS LIKE YOURS!

  11. Such a beautiful, serene, space Jan - thanks for allowing us into your home! The paint colour is DIVINE!