Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Space ... with Gardenia Pepworth

Today we're giving a tour of one of our regular 'players', Gardenia Pepworth's craft space.

Gardenia has been a SU! Demonstrator one month short of a year, and has quickly established herself as a reliable source for inspiration on the world-wide-web with her blog A Little Less Useless. Her layouts, 3D projects and cards are always amazing! So let’s get started on the tour...

About Gardenia...

Last Christmas Gardenia moved to a remote part of Western Australia on a mining lease where her hubby works. She describes herself as a chef, a cleaner, a chauffer, a mediator, a rule maker, a go-to gal - basically a CEO of a major company – her family. When she returns to the real world she will be working in Children’s services.

She loves everything paper, mostly cards but she loves to scrapbook when there's time.She also loves to sew, knit, crochet and have a go at anything crafty. She refers to her craft space as her "Obsession Area".

The living areas in her house are all open plan and her craft area is right in the middle of all the action. This makes it easier to grab a few minutes here and there to craft while the kids are around. She can also see straight out the front door, which not only means she can watch the kids when they are outside, but also gaze at the awesome view too...
UPDATE: Since our original interview with Gardenia, she has taken over the family living room... there's no stopping her! (hee hee)

What's one of your fave crafting toys?
I bought my Stampin’ Up! Colour Caddy a little while ago, and just love it to bits. My Big Shot is also my new best friend too, it sits right next to me that way I can use it all the time and its not so far to lift, they are heavy!

How to you store your stamps and punches?
I have a set of four draws that I “borrowed” from my girls when we moved as they both got their own robes. The top three are for stamps and the bottom is for punches, paper cutter and circle scissor. Every time I place an order I have to rearrange it all so that it will fit.

Tell us about your awesome storage tip for daubers and sponges!
My sponges and daubers are kept in containers (see below) that I found at a hardware store. Each one has their own spot and most of the daubers are labeled too, for those times when they are everywhere.

What was your last major "investment" for your craft area?
A set of craft drawers that a friend picked up for me last time she was in Perth. There are 6 draws so I have divided them into DSP, Neutrals and In-colours, Bold Brights, Earth Elements, Rich Regals and Soft Subtles. I only wish she got me TWO!

I was shocking with my scraps before. I had two scrap boxes of card and DSP They were overflowing and I never pulled them out. It was just easier to start a new piece. So when I got these new drawers for my paper and card I sorted them all out and back into the draws, this way I am managing to use them up slowly! I have way too many scraps!

What are your top 3 tips for keeping things organised?
1. Tidy up after you finish creating (I never do this)
2. Do not let your kids get to your stuff (my 18 month old loves my stamp table)
3. Have a place for everything, once things start having to live on your workspace you are in trouble!

How do you store your cards?
The cards that I have made are packaged and labeled and I keep them in plastic containers (below).What item has a permanent home on your desk?
I am in love with my Stampin’ Stack and Store. I keep any empty containers and fill them with extra punched out pieces of cards, magnets anything that will fit!

And when you're working on projects, what always ends up on your desk?
Stamp pads, Sponge daubers, paper trimmer, scissors, sticky strip and my Stampin’ Scrub are always on my desk once I finish creating! I use them with nearly every creation I make.

How do you store your ribbons?
I made a ribbon holder a few weeks back when I got sick of all my ribbons getting tangled together. I pulled out a strong cardboard box that I bought at Spotlight a while back. I found a piece of thin dowel in the shed and cut it in three. I put holes in the sides of the box and put the dowel through. It has heaps of room and if I only put on the smaller rolls I can even put the lid on!

Say you did need a little inspiration - where would you find it?

I hit the internet when I need inspiration, places like is always good. Or I blog hop. I start at mine and click on one of my links to a blog I look at all the time, and just keep going!

Five [crafty] things you can't live without?

Paper trimmer, sticky strip, bone folder, sponge daubers and punches.

Any other fabulous storage ideas you'd like to share?
Storing tutorials and templates. When I print them I select to print multiple pages per sheet. I pick four. I cut them up and put them in order and then punch two holes through them with my Crop-o-dile. I put them together with craft rings that you buy for chipboard books. In between each tutorial I add a strip of card, so that I know where one ends and the next begins!

How do you hope your craft room evolves from here?
I would love to have my own stamp “room” however I don’t think I would use it as well if I had to hide away from day to day life. I would LOVE though to have floor to ceiling shelves that I could store everything on and a door or something over them to hide my mess!

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm completely inspired by Gardenia's space! I hope you have found a lot of her ideas brilliant and a big thank you to Gardenia for giving us a tour! We love your space!

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  1. Thanks so much Gardenia! Very inspiring for me! Great idea with the ribbon rolls!! Never thought of that before and handy being able to put the lid on it as well! Love your space and LOVE your view!!!

  2. Oooo and I love your sponge/sponge dauber storage idea! I have one of those containers hanging around making a nuisance of itself, now I'm gonna put it to work!!! Thanks!

  3. Oh how exciting!!! Thanks for sharing all of those fantastic storage ideas!! Truly inspirational:)

  4. Thanks for your tips! I love the ribbon storage idea.

  5. Gardenia, I can't believe that with my regular stalking of the JAI site that I missed your craft space story!! I particularly loved your 3 organisational tips (I laughed), and your ribbon storage. Very clever. Thanks for sharing!